Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ditto and who is it for?

Ditto is an expression meaning “the same thing”. We have chosen this name because we designed a complete banking offer answering a wide range of needs. For Ditto, each client is equally important. We do not offer several levels of access to our service because everyone deserves the best experience.

Why launch Ditto?

Ditto is inspired by the personal experiences of our team members. All of us have faced situations where we needed to exchange currency on a regular basis, either when we were living abroad or since moving to France. We all share the same observation: traditional banks are not adapted to an international lifestyle, their products are split according to types of usage and costs linked to currency exchange are often opaque. From this observation Ditto was born, a unique solution covering all the needs of an international lifestyle, at a fair and predictable cost.

1. Ditto Subscription

Which documents or information can be requested when subscribing?

For the account opening, we will ask you a few questions to know more about your current situation (contact, family, professional, financial situation…). We will ask you some supporting documents depending on your situation:
– a proof of identity (valid): Passport, EU or Swiss ID card, French residence permit,
– a proof of your main address: electricity/gaz bill, water bill, Internet or fixed line bill (less than 6 months), or last tax notice.
– If you are hosted by a friend or relative: proof of accommodation from your host along with their proof of identity.
– A proof of address in France if your main address is not in France*
– Your main account banking info**,
– Your two last payslips if you are an employee or your last tax notice if not.
To provide us with these documents, you need to scan them with your smartphone or to download them from your computer on our dedicated website.
*You must have an address in France to be eligible to the Ditto offer. If your address in France is your secondary address, you must provide the proof of address for this address as well.
**Your main bank is the bank where you receive your salary/income.

What are the eligibility requirements to join Ditto Bank?

To be able to open a Ditto account, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:
Be 18 years old,
Have a nationality or postal address (main or secondary) in France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg or the United Kingdom,
Use Ditto for personal use
Have a bank account in our list of 40 countries *.
(*Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United-States of America)

Why do I need to provide personal info and supporting documents?

As a banking institution, we are required by law to know our clients: personal, professional and financial situation. During your subscription, you must submit these information and provide suporting documents to prove them. These documents and information are strictly confidential and will only be consulted by our opening account team.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions are available here

I finished my subscription. Am I a client yet?

As soon as your subscription process is over, your file is being checked by our dedicated team. Your account opening will be confirmed within 48 to 72 hours max. You will receive an email informing you that your account is open*.
*Ditto Bank reserves the right to accept or to refuse any subscription request that would not meet our conditions of acceptance.

My first funding was rejected. What can I do?

If your first funding is rejected, you will be informed by email. Don’t panic. It’s easy to explain. The transfer that will allow the activation of your account must come from the main external account you submitted when signing up. If you have made a transfer from another account, it will automatically be rejected for safety reasons. However, if you have submitted the wrong account when signing up, please contact our client service in order to modify your main account and to make a new transfer.

How do I join Ditto Bank?

It’s very simple! The subscription is 100% digital and secure. No need to send any paper document. Follow these steps:
– Download our “Ditto Bank” app for free on your smartphone ; it’s available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store:
– Prepare your supporting documents
– Receive your user ID by submitting your email and your mobile phone number
– Follow the app instructions: you must answer a few questions regarding your personal, professional and financial situation,
– Take a photo of your supporting documents with your smartphone or download them from your computer to our dedicated website.
– Sign your contract electronically
– Wait for the account opening confirmation (72h max)
– Go to your Ditto Bank app to chose your card PIN code
– Make a € 10 first funding to activate your account opening
There you go! You are now a Ditto Bank client! You are not ready yet or you had to suspend your subscription? No worries, you can resume your application at all times and continue your 100% digital account opening process. Log in again with your user id and resume your account opening right where you left it.

How does the e-signature work?

At the end of your on-boarding, the signature of your subscription request is electronic. The e-signature has the same legal value than a handwritten signature but it is a quicker process. After acknowledging all the documents that must be signed electronically, you will receive a code by SMS. Submit this code on the app to confirm your signature. Here are the documents that need to be signed: the request to open an account, the tax auto-certification form, the terms and conditions, the SEPA mandate for the subscription monthly payment, the FATCA form (if applicable). It’s quick, simple and good for the planet!

How do I activate my account?

You have received an email to confirm the opening of your account. Congratulations!
Please go to your Ditto app:
– Choose your card PIN code,
– The banking information of your reference Ditto account in Euros is displayed
– Make a first funding of € 10 from your external account (the one you submitted when signing up).
Make a first funding and we will send you a confirmation email. You will receive your card to your main address within 5 working days.

2. Ditto main features

In which currencies can I open an account?

To date, we offer account opening & management in 30 currencies. Find out the list of available currencies

How do I open a foreign currency account?

Opening a currency account is very simple! You just need to open your Ditto app. It is free and unlimited (within the available currency limit).

What is the difference between my euro account and my foreign currency accounts?

You have a main Euro account by default and it will be the first one to be opened. You can open or close your currency accounts according to your needs. Your relationship with Ditto will be terminated only if you close your main Euro account.

Are overdrafts allowed?

If you are eligible to overdraft, this service will be available within 3 months following the activation of your account. If a currency transaction was to overdraw your account, the overdraft will be applied to your main Euro account (only the main Euro account can be overdrawn). The exchange transaction will be automatic.

How is the exchange rate applied to each transaction calculated?

When an exchange transaction is made (transaction between two different currencies), Ditto applies a maximum margin of 1% on the average market rate, whatever the currency. The average market rate, serving as a base for the rate we are applying, comes from our partner whose rate is updated every 5 minutes in the Ditto application. This unique pricing offers a total and unprecedented transparency to our clients.

How do I close a foreign currency account?

If you wish to close a currency account, you first need to transfer the remaining funds:
– To any beneficiary account (implying a exchange transaction at the Ditto Bank rate),
– To your main external account: via a Euro bank transfer (exchange included at the Ditto Bank rate).

How do I close my main Ditto account (Euro)?

The account closure is easy: you just need to log in to the Ditto app. To close your main account, go to the “Profile” section, “Subscription”, “Cancel my subscription”. If your account closure request is made within 14 days following your first funding of €10, it is considered as a withdrawal. Your funds will be transferred to the external bank account you submitted during your subscription. If your account closure request is made after this period, it is considered as a termination and your available funds will have to be transferred to one of your external accounts. You will electronically sign a termination or withdrawal form, thus avoiding to send anything by mail.

How do I receive my account statements?

Your account statements are available in the Ditto app, in your “Profile” section, “My documents”. You will be notified every month when they are available.

How do I top up my currency account(s)?

There are 3 different ways to top up your currency accounts:
– By transferring money from your main Euro account
– By transferring money from another Ditto currency acount
– By debiting / transferring money from an external account.

3. Ditto Card and Insurance

What is my Ditto card maximum limit?

You can consult your card limit directly in the app (“card management” menu, “Manage my card spending limits”). There are 3 different types of card spending limits:
– Withdrawal limit,
– Internet and point of sales purchase limit,
– Travel limit
To meet your travel needs, Ditto Bank defined a specific spending limit for all your travel expenses. The goal is to prevent your card from being blocked due to travel expenses that tend to happen all at once (plane and train tickets, car rental, boat, house rental, hotel booking etc.) Spending limits are settled to protect your account against frauds.

I have lost my card / my card has been stolen, what should I do?

Your card has been stolen or you think you have lost it, here is how to block your card:
– In the app, go to the “card settings” menu, “lost/stolen card”, “block my card”
– Confirm the request to block your card,
– Confirm your address and the card replacement request on the app,
– Wait for your new card to arrive (within 5 working days)
You have 2 options to get a new PIN code:
First option:
– Visit the Application
– Choose your new PIN code
Second Option:
– Contact Customer Service (+33(0)1 85 741 741), and a new PIN code will be assigned to you randomly
– You can access the application now, by using your PIN Reminder
Urgent card replacement:
Our ‘urgent’ option will allow you to receive your new card within a maximum of 3 working days.

I have forgotten my card PIN code, what should I do?

In case you’ve forgotten your PIN code, you can find it directly in the app. You will receive a single-use id by SMS that will allow you to access your PIN code.

How to activate my card?

You can activate your card by withdrawing money at an ATM or paying for a purchase in a point of sales (no online payment). However, we recommended withdrawing money from an ATM, the activation at a point of sales being sometimes random.

How do I activate the contactless option on my Ditto card?

The contactless payment option is not activated by default on your card. You can activate it in your Ditto app, it’s effective immediately. Remember to activate your card by withdrawing money from an ATM. The maximum amount for a contactless transaction is €30, with a limit of €70 and 5 operations in a row.

When am I going to receive my card?

Your card will be sent when your Ditto account is active. You will receive it within 5 working days.

What are my Ditto card functionalities?

Like every Ditto client, you will receive a Gold MasterCard. It is a unique card for all your currency accounts. It allows you to make payments and to withdraw money in any currency even if you don’t have an account in the said currency.
It allows you to:
– Pay for your purchases in any point of sales,
– Pay for your purchases online or on the phone,
– Withdraw money in any ATM accepting MasterCards,
– Benefit from the insurance and assistance services linked to your Gold MasterCard
– Benefit from a limit dedicated to travel expenses (flights, rentals, hotels…)

4. Access to my Ditto app

How can I contact the client service?

You can contact us 24/7:
– by email:
– by chat from your app
– by phone on the following number: 01 85 741 741 (unique number for all request).

How do I update my personal info?

You have a new address? A new phone number? We invite you to contact our client service:
– by email:
– by chat from your app
– by phone on the following number: 01 85 741 741 (unique number for all request).

I have forgotten my user ID or my personal code, what should I do?

Ditto allows you to retrieve your user ID and your password directly in the app. If you don’t remember your personal code or your user ID, please go to the “Help” menu on the login screen, “I can’t log in”. You have 4 different options depending on your situation: “I forgot my my user ID”, “I forgot my personal code”, “I forgot my user ID and my personal code” and “my account is blocked” (in case you remember your user ID and your password but your account is blocked). For safety reasons, you will be asked to provide some information to be identified and you will receive a SMS to get unblocked.

5. Ditto Pricing

How much does it cost to make a transaction with a foreign beneficiary?

The international transfers are included in the subscription and are unlimited.

How much does it cost to open a currency account?

Currency account openings and international transfers are free and unlimited. For more information, please consult our pricing grid.

How to pay for my subscription?

The subscription will be debited from:
– The client’s external account (the main account they submitted during the subscription, where they receive their income) by implementing a SEPA direct debit on this account,
– or, failing that, on the Ditto Bank reference account in Euros (for the clients without an external account in the SEPA zone or without an account in Euros)
Example: a Polish zloty account is part of the SEPA zone but it is not in Euros. Therefore, the direct debit will be done on their reference account in euros.
The subscription direct debit will be displayed on the app transaction history, on the monthly account statement and on the annual fee statement provided by Ditto Bank.

How much does it cost to use Ditto Bank?

Ditto Bank offers a monthly subscription (€ 9,90 per month) for all the clients and for an unlimited number of accounts.
Also, as soon as an exchange transaction is carried out (transaction between 2 different currencies), Ditto Bank applies a maximum margin of 1% on the average market rate, whatever the currency.
This unique pricing system offers an unprecedented transparency for the clients who travel.
For more information about our prices, please consult the pricing grid.