Cookies Policy

Banque Travelex S.A. operating under the trade name Ditto Bank, is committed to protecting your privacy. Our primary goal is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable online experience while using our services.We use cookies to provide you with a personalized experience on our website. This helps us provide you with a satisfying experience when you use the application or browse our site and also allows us to improve the application and our website.When you browse our website, we ask for your consent to use cookies. You have the option to change your preferences regarding the content of cookies.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files sent to and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device that may access the Internet. They register as soon as you visit a website. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the device a user is using.A cookie also allows you to analyse traffic and offer you targeted marketing and advertising.Many sites use cookies, they are not harmful to your device or your system. You can accept or reject certain cookies.More information about cookies can be found on CNIL website.

2. How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to automatically collect information about your device when you use any of our sites. For example, to determine users’ preferences, to optimize their navigation between pages, to verify their identity, and to perform other essential security checks.
The cookies that we use are either:
– Persistent cookies: these remain on your device after you visit a site. They keep track of who you are so that your login and passwords are automatically entered for you the next time you visit the site.
– Session cookies: these are stored on your computer for the duration of your visit to the site and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. We use them for specific features such as foreign currency transactions to assist with online order processing. These cookies do not collect your personal information but are necessary for the operation of our sites.

3. What types of cookies do we use?

Cookies can also be classified as follows:
– Performance cookies: these cookies help us analyse how our site is used and help us improve its performance. For example, we use them to learn where our visitors are based, how many people visit our site and which pages on our site are most visited.
– Functionality Cookies: these cookies allow our site to know if you have already visited our site or to know the choices you make (your user name, your region or your preferences) in order to provide a more personalized experience.
– Third-Party cookies: they collect information about your device and perform behaviour analysis tasks. They also collect other information such as demographic data. These cookies are used to offer you targeted advertising, for example.

4. How do we work with trusted third parties?

Trusted third parties are partners of Ditto Bank. These include marketing partners, online advertisers and social networking platforms. These partners use cookies and similar technologies for marketing purposes and may offer you, upon our request and with your consent, targeted advertising about Ditto Bank when you are on third party sites.
You can, at any time, choose to ‘decline’ third-party cookies that allow this type of advertising.

5. How can you manage cookie settings?

Our performance, functionality and third party cookies are not strictly necessary for the operation of our website. However, they can provide you with a better navigation experience. You can delete or block these cookies. However, keep in mind that in doing so, you will need to manually adjust certain preferences each time you access our site, and that certain features of the site may not function as intended.
Most Internet browsers accept cookies by default, but you can decide which types of cookies you want to accept at any time. You can change your browser settings to block cookies or to be notified when cookies are stored on your device. If you use multiple devices to access our site (e.g. your computer, laptop tablet, etc.), you will need to verify that each device’s browser is set to match your cookie preferences.

To learn more about how Ditto Bank protects your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.