Guide: Banking Mobility

What’s banking mobility?

Switching to a new main bank can be quite a challenge! To be sure to honour all your payments, you will need to send all your permanent transfers, direct debit orders, and inform your creditors. Ditto Bank offers to take care of these formalities with the Banking Mobility service. This service is optional.

Why make Ditto Bank your main bank?

A comprehensive banking offer

Ditto Bank offers all the means of payment you might need on a daily basis: international transfers, current account in 30 currencies, international Gold Mastercard and direct debits in euros.

Consolidate all your revenues

Ditto Bank accounts allow you to collect your income in 30 currencies in one place only. Each of your Ditto Bank accounts has its own IBAN, can receive transfers from your debtors and thus saves you from foreign exchange and transaction fees.Consult the list of available currencies.

Save some money

Ditto Bank was created to prevent you from unpleasant surprises: all fees related to transfers (including international transfers), account management, or the Gold Mastercard are included in the subscription, to ensure greater transparency. In addition, the Ditto Bank exchange margin is capped at 1% of the amount of your exchange transactions and is communicated to you in full transparency at each transaction<

Banking mobility in 4 simple steps

1 When you open your Ditto Bank account, sign a mobility mandate and give us your former bank details.
2 We get in touch with your initial bank, which provides us with the necessary information. You will be notified as soon as we have received all the information and when we start the process.
3 We get in touch with the issuers of your direct debits and recurring transfers, who will notify you as soon as they take your new bank details into account.
4 If you close the current account of your sending bank, it will still keep you informed if any transactions were to occur on your former account.


Find more information about the Banking Mobility process in this guide from the Fédération Bancaire Française or by reaching to our Customer Service through chat or by calling this phone number: +33(0)1.85.741.741