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Your bank accounts in 30 currencies

With a simple swipe, open and manage as many foreign accounts as you wish from the 30 currencies available. Each account is unique; you can send and receive money anywhere in the world. Holding, exchanging and sending currencies has never been easier. Find out the list of available currencies

No additional fees, anywhere in the world

With your Gold MasterCard®, make unlimited payments and withdrawals without any transaction fees. Whether you are on a plane, on the road or online, your card is authorized in all 150 currencies covered by the MasterCard® network. You are also covered by our insurance and assistance services on all your travels.

Instant currency exchange

Are you travelling to another country? So is your money. Change currencies in your mobile app at any time: open current accounts in 30 different currencies and transfer your money instantly from one account to another.

Unlimited international transfers

Send as much money as you need, anywhere in the world from your Ditto Bank accounts: 30 different currencies are currently available. Transfers to other Ditto Bank users are immediate!

Your money is safe, at all times

As a licensed banking institution, Ditto Bank guarantees all its customers protection and security. Choose whether or not to activate contactless payment, deactivate or block your card in your app, and make secure payments thanks to the 3D Secure option.

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